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Title: Tort's Story
Author: Brian Rauch
Votes: 22

Views: 588
Description: Hey I am Torts! When I was just a wee hatching I found myself being ripped from the sand and tossed in a box with a bunch of other folks. We spent many a shady day in the depth of a wooden crate being jiggled and jostled. None of us knew where we were going and we all worried about what was going to happen to us. During the journey I got to know two of the nicest buds around Crawly and Spike. Crawly was a bit slow and not always fast on the uptake but he had great hearing and was always listening to the noise on the other side of the box. Spike was a pretty wild and crazy dude who had not fear of anything. He had no issue with snapping at the hands that dropped the greens in. Often it didn’t end well as he was often tossed to the side of the box..though he was not deterred and headed in for another bite whenever opportunity arose. READ MORE