Shady Cat Pet ID: 2016
My hang out: Spruce Grove, AB (Canada)

My mug shots …

Here’s my story ...

Adventures Of A Cat Owner – Written by Stephanie Pohlmann, Edited by Marnie Pohlmann

The sun is warm, with a slight breeze making for a lazy day. The cats relax on the deck, the sliding door open so they can come and go as they please. A stray fly drifts in, roves about in a slow exploring loop, and leaves the way he came.

Suddenly, there is a swish of wings as a Nuthatch flies in and lands on the cat tree. River and Oswin, never having been so close to this kind of creature before, are quickly upon the poor thing. River’s natural hunting skills surface and she catches the bird in her jaws of death as it screeches in fear to be set free.

I jump to the rescue, of course, and quickly convince River to release the tiny bird before her first kill is complete. Unfortunately, I am not quick enough to shoo the winged dart back out the door before he panics, flying around the room hitting windows and walls.

I quickly sequester the feline hunters in the bathroom before they can start their hunt all over again, only to turn in time to see the small bird disappear under the door of my bedroom.

Hoping not to scare him even more, I slowly open the door… to see no movement and no sign of the accidental intruder. I pray, close the door behind me, and take another step into the room. Like a shot, the bird darts off the ground, circles the room, tries to escape out the screened window, and finally, out of exhaustion I’m sure, lands. His tiny chest pants heavily , as does mine, but he seems otherwise undamaged.

I clutch a clean towel, slowly approach him while talking in a calm voice and praying for a safe capture. Swiftly but gently I scoop him up. Safe in the towel, I rush him to the open patio door. As I gently open the towel he hurriedly takes flight without even a look back.

I breathe deeply to calm my own heart as the most stressful half hour of my cat-owning life concludes!

Shady Pet Awards/Notes:

  • Rescue pet

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