Shady Cat Pet ID: 2019
My hang out:  Riverside, CA

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Here’s my story ...

Growing up, I’ve always dreamed of having my own mainecoon. They are so majestic and have the most wonderful personalities. So when I saw a mainecoon kitten to be rehomed, I was ecstatic! I had just rescued a female siamese kitten the month prior. And getting a companion around the same age was what I wanted. Especially if it was a coon! The ad said she was a purebred female mainecoon named Tinkerbell. She was bought from a breeder and the owner didn’t buy the paperwork. She had to rehome Tinkerbell due to her being bullied by the dogs. So, I bought Tinkerbell for a few hundred dollars and I couldn’t be happier.
A few days later, I learned my Tinkerbell was actually a Tinkleballs. I didn’t want a male, but I was growing attached. I decided to rename him after an iconic person to me, RuPaul. In memory of him originally being a little Tinkerbell. Now after three years old, he is only 16 pounds and I’m pretty sure I was scammed. But he was the best disappointment I’ve ever experienced. Now, he is my emotional support cat and I couldn’t have been happier with my investment into him. He also has little saber fangs! I love him with all of my heart. My sweet little Ru-Ru.

Author:  Shelbey W.

Shady Pet Awards/Notes:

  • Service pet

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