Shady Cat Pet ID: 2020
My hang out:  Anaheim, CA

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Two years ago, on veterans day, my family and I wandered into a Northgate market to shop for food and came out with a kitten. It was nighttime, and we were tired from a long day. When we had finished shopping, I trailed after my parents as they joined a line to checkout and suddenly heard a small cry. I looked around for the source of the noise but could find none. I heard the cry several more times and thought it was a kid making sounds for fun. I thought the sound almost sounded like a cat but I couldn’t see anything.
My family and I waited in a line that was created by a display of wooden crates and rows of candy racks. I kept hearing the small cry and, before we turned to go to the cashier, I glanced down at the display. In a small, dark crevice I saw two shiny green eyes looking out at me that belonged to a small black kitten.
“Mom!” I exclaimed. “There’s a kitten in there.”
My mother and I quickly got the attention of several employees and alerted them that there was a kitten inside their display. They told us that they had been hearing the crying all day but didn’t know where it was from. More and more employees gathered as we called for assistance from whoever could get the small feline. Meanwhile, the kitten had snuck back from the open crevice in the display and was crying somewhere else inside it. It took some convincing from my mom and I to get someone to take apart the display but eventually they got to work.
Wooden crates were pulled from the front and the pieces of the display that could be wheeled away were but there was still a large portion of it that was inaccessible. Employees encircled the area and tried to reach under or into the display to reach the cat but it merely hissed at them and then retreated out of reach. Someone got a can of fish but even food wouldn’t lure out the cat.
Eventually, the employees got permission to take down more of the display and pulled the candy racks away from it, spilling lots of candy bars on the floor in the process. Then it was back to trying to reach the cat and pull it out. Most were afraid to grab the animal because of how it hissed, and my mother didn’t allow me to reach out for it either but, after much time had passed, one female employee was able to reach under and finally pull the kitten out.
In the woman’s arms the kitten calmed down and meekly laid its head on her. Everyone finally got a good look at her and saw her calico colors. The kitten seemed to have little to no energy left and looked extremely small to me in the arms of the employee.
After a minute of holding the cat, the employees announced that they could do nothing but release it onto the street. My mom and I protested, seeing that the kitten was already so weak and didn’t look like it was going to make it through the night. I was determined about taking the animal in myself but my stepdad and mother were very reluctant. The kitten was transferred to a box with the Northgate apron of the employee that had pulled her out of the display.
I happily took the box and eventually persuaded my parents to let the kitten stay at least overnight. We got food and amenities for the small thing and, when we got home, settled her inside the bathroom. We examined her further and saw just how feeble she really was. The kitten was overridden with fleas and we knew we couldn’t wait to take action. She was given three consecutive fleas baths that night, and then was left in there to sleep with her box.
Delighted by the kitten, I spent all my time with her the next day. She met our dogs through a fence and spent the day exploring the bathroom. She was already showing improvement and we continued to take care of her. For a month my family took care of the cat that grew more and more curious everyday. Each day she stayed with us it grew harder to let her go. And so, we never did. I named her Allie, like an alley cat, because of the way we found her – practically on the streets – and she became a permanent member of our household. Today, she is a sassy girl with lots of attitude who loves her two dog-brothers and us occasionally.

Author:  Megan L.

Shady Pet Awards/Notes:

  • Rescue pet

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