Shady Cat Pet ID: 2025
My hang out:  Dixon, IL

My mug shots …

Here’s my story ...

It all started one day when my black and white cat named Sylvester (Named from the cartoon, Looney Tunes, of course) was missing in action one summer. It turned out he had managed to fall off the balcony with the possibility that he was catching bugs from the top of the balcony. I was  worried I wouldn’t be able to see him again and his brother; A black cat named Salem (Based on Sabrina: The animated series) had been meowing. My mom suggested that we should get a new playmate for Salem, so that’s when we had gotten Tom. (Yep, I kept it that way based on Tom and Jerry) It wasn’t too long until we were fortunate enough to see Sylvester hiding out in a tunnel-like pipe sitting somewhere near the pond of our apartment. I grabbed him out as quickly as I could and gave him a bath; while asking him if he had been chasing the geese while he was down there. Now that I got the origin story laid out, I know you would want to learn more about Tom. There’s a lot I can tell you about him, he’s Mr. Mischievous who is friendly with everyone he meets. Sylvester and Tom had become best friends while they spent most of their time together. Sometimes, Tom will bug Sylvester when he’s napping on a chair and steals his spot. If Sylvester doesn’t jump off they paw at each other and go into a wrestling match. Tom spent a lot of time stealing a can of food from under Sylvester’s nose just by dragging it by his paw. If we bring home corn, Tom would drag it out of its bag and chew on the corn husks. There had been a few occasions when he had stood up while looking into the refrigerator once it was opened. When you have some kind of food out, he will stare at you for an intensely long time until you give him something. Once you do, he immediately goes away without even caring about what it is that you gave him. (Unless it’s something he actually likes!) If I have ice cream, he will pull the bowl away from me. Other times, he had played the role of Cat-zilla… This is when he made himself comfortable by laying inside my dollhouse. He surrounds himself with all the different characters I had already set up in it. If I am in the middle of playing a board game with someone, he makes himself comfortable at the middle of the board. He couldn’t care less about messing up the cards or player pieces. In fact, Tom is quite the opposite of Sylvester. Sylvester will do his own thing and stay away from people; He does however like to snuggle up in my bed and will easily let me hold him. Tom doesn’t like to be held, but he has no problem stealing my seat sometimes. Tom is a magician when it comes to escaping cages during the rare occasion when he has to be set up in one. He won’t stop fidgeting with the lock with his paw. Whoops, there he is… Showing his face outside of the cage. It was funny in the beginning, but it can get frustrating if he repeats the act. It wouldn’t be fun to have to keep chasing him down all the time. I had a few separate dreams about him: One was where he would manage to jump out of the car window and I had to keep chasing him down (Luckily, the car hasn’t been moving!) and another one where he had been swimming during a flood while a bunch of other animals had been surrounding the apartment. (Pig, Elephant, a big bird, ilamas, and a goat to be exact). Back to reality, his most accomplished catch was a green cricket. My cats were also an inspiration to a 3D animation project I had worked on in College. It’s called A Day in the Life of Cats. When I was a kid, I had to give away my dog named Rascal because the apartment I would live in at the time didn’t allow it. From then on, I focused on a dog book I have gotten… Checkmarking the types of dogs I’d want if I was able to have a dog again… In the meantime,  I had to live with a hamster named Madeline. One rainy day at recess, I found a few baby rabbits along with my friends… I wanted to help them, so I got my family to bring them home and called them Petunia, Daffodil, and Lola. That was short-lived, so it wasn’t too long until I had gotten Persilla… My first striped cat with white paws. When we had to move again, she wouldn’t come with us. Finally, a short time after, one of my mom’s coworkers at a bus company introduced us to the CatNap: A place where we can get another cat. I immediately loved Sylvester and we found out we had to get his brother, Salem as well. Since, you already know how we got Tom; I won’t go into that. There’s one thing I know for certain; It was a long journey I’ve had to endure to get there, but I will keep on loving my pets forever.

Author:  Christy C.

Shady Pet Awards/Notes:

  • Rescue pet

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