Shady Cat Pet ID: 2027
My hang out:  Baldivis (Australia)

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Napoleon The FIP Warrior

My name is Napoleon and I started feeling sick not too long ago. I could feel my stomach was so full and I didn’t feel like playing anymore. Nor could I eat my favourite foods. I remember that I really loved playing and exploring my new home for the months I was there. Everything was new to me but it was great. I was diagnosed with something called Feline Infectious Peritonitis but for me it is easier to just say FIP. This is why I was feeling so sick. My stomach was full because the humans said it was bloated. I did start to feel a bit better when they took me to a place and they stuck something called a drip in my leg. At this point I was so hungry that I went straight for the food they gave me. It was good to eat on my own. But then I started not feeling hungry again. Was my bloat coming back? I did miss my humans but they came back in a few days to bring me home again. I still couldn’t play but they let me hang out in the same room with them. I was happy there but still sick. I know they wanted me to be well again too, I could feel how frustrated and sad they were themselves. Everyday I got a sharp thing going into my skin and it was painful, especially in my back parts. In my mind I was wondering what was going on. Why I was feeling this way. The sharp things didn’t seem to help me too much. I still wasn’t eating on my own so my humans were helping me to eat even if I didn’t feel like eating very much. My stomach was bloated and they took me to that place again. I think I knew I wasn’t going to make it but I tried so hard to get better. All I wanted that day was to go back home because I was feeling so bad. At the place I was having trouble breathing and I saw blood when I finally used my litter box. And as I fell asleep, exhausted, I drifted away from my body in my dream. I could see myself asleep as I drifted and I kept going higher and higher till I saw colourful stripes in the sky. I felt drawn to it but then I realised I was feeling a lot better now and so I ran towards it excitedly and saw a lot of exciting toys to play and chase. It made me happy but I wished my humans could be there too. I watch them crying and I wish they didn’t. Sometimes I try to visit them but they don’t seem to be able to see me anymore. So I go back and play up in the sky.

Author:  Tiegan B.

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