Shady Cat Pet ID: 2028
My hang out:  Melbourne (Australia)

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Lily the Bed Thief.

Lily is a fluffy young floof with sparkling blue eyes. But don’t let that fool you, for Lily is a mischievous feline. This beautiful sweet cat is as shady as can be. If you read on, I’m sure you’ll agree.

She may make your heart melt with her sweet fuzzy looks. Even if she does drop fur in every crevice and nook. But truth is, she is on a wicked mission. Day in, day out, this kitty is full of ambition.

You see, the house where she lives, has another fur baby. Zeiva the dog is the second leading lady. But Lily, being a cat and all, thinks herself queen. So, she’s out to steal the dogs’ bed, even if it’s a little bit mean.

Zeiva’s bed was big and soft, so Lily wanted it all. While she had a bed of her own, she still wanted more. Now this little kitty claims everything in sight. Boxes and chairs to blankets and beds, Lily’s not afraid to put up a fight. Ah yes, I have told her she does not own this place. But it appears that Lily doesn’t think that is the case.

So, Zeiva was sleeping on her warm comfy bed. When Lily snuck up, after just being fed. She needed a place for a nice cat nap. So, she nudged the sweet puppy with a quick furry slap. Poor Zeiva woke with a start. She raced through the kitchen, that poor sweetheart. I saw all that had happened and gave her a cuddle. And Lily jumped on her bed, thinking she had avoided all trouble.

Ah ha, not so fast! I picked up the cat as I was walking past. Back on your cat tower is where you can stay. But she was back on that bed, as soon as my eyes turned away. Zeiva came back to her bed, which had been snatched. But Lily thought her wagging tail was something to catch. Round and round the table, the two pets ran. If human kids are like this, I’ll reconsider my plans!

Now Lily is a Birman and a smart cat is she. After 5 years she still surprises even me. She’ll get into the washer, and the fridge, and can open cupboard doors. She does it quite simply with her tiny little paws. So, when you hear a strange banging in the night, it’s just the cat, getting into cupboards, alright! She’ll sit for her food and get under your feet. She’ll steal your pillow and knead at the sheets.

But truth be told I wouldn’t have her any other way. Coming home to my cat really makes my day. And while Lily and Zeiva have their quarreling spells. Believe it or not they really do get along quite well. When the cat and the dog spend time apart. I know they miss the other with all their fuzzy little hearts. The fight for the bed may not be at an end. But deep down they’re still very good friends. And while it’s sometimes extremely rare, these two sweet pets often do share.

Author:  Teigan I.

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