Shady Cat Pet ID: 2033
My hang out:  Winnipeg, NB (Canada)

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My cat Shadow is now 15 years old . We got him from the back lane crying one winter. He is a tuxedo cat who became very attached to my hubby. They sleep and nap together and he follows him around and have a conversation together. I do not mean anything to him. I talk to him and he never answers back. Never sleep or nap with me.
At age 14 he started to change. He started to answer me when I talk to him . He started to come to me when I pray at 10:30 in the evening. I told him to come see me at 10:30 at night so we can pray. From then on he knew what 10:30 meant and came to see me at that time every night.
When summer came he loved being out late so he started coming to see me earlier around 9:00 in the evening to pray as he wants to go out early.
When he wants to go out at night he taps my hubby’s arm when he is sitting on the lazy boy chair and he gets up to open the door to let him out. If he ignores the tapping he will meow loud. He is a very good and obedient cat. But not perfect as he is a mouser and catches mouse and birds and bunnies. So far this summer he got 5 bunnies 5 mouse and 3 birds. He will be home bound soon – 24/7 by winter. Will not go out anymore.

Author:  Lina O.

Shady Pet Awards/Notes:

  • Rescue Pet!

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