Shady Dog Pet ID: 1020
My hang out: Salt Lake City, UT

My mug shots …

Here’s my story ...

Jacquie is my service dog. She is amazing, so smart and funny, and so willing to do anything I ask her to. Before I brought Jacquie home I couldn’t connect to the world. I couldn’t connect to other people. I lived my live in the dark, seeing the world in grays and blacks. I didn’t have friends and could barely function in the world. And then I applied for a Loving Angel Service Dog and was approved! Jacquie was the angel I was blessed with. Jacquie helped open my heart and my mind and connected to me in a way that no one else has. She has helped show me how to connect to other people and to the world. Jacquie gets me to laugh and has helped me find my sense of humor. She starts my days sounding like a seal and so happy to see me. I love her boundless energy. Because of her I get out of bed every day. I walk and move, and love watching her get so excited over everywhere we go. She is amazingly talented, helping me find my keys when I lose them and picking things up that I drop them. She can turn on and off lights and help me with laundry. She does all these things to help my mobility but what she does most is help me when my emotional/psychological world is crashing in around me. She knows how to pull me out of my head, out of my funk— she won’t give up keeping me present and keeping me calm. Having disabilities is hard, but having an angel who loves me unconditionally helps make being disabled tolerable. I love my girl. I love how she prances when she’s working. I love how she looks at me like I’m nuts when I ask her to find my keys and they happen to be in the lock already. I love how she curls up in my lap and listens to me when I read. I love how she will curl under the piano when I play. I love her ball obsession and how she gets so excited over a mud puddle. I love how she sees the world with such excitement and through her, I see the world in new ways. I see the world for the bright colors and all the wonder in it because of my girl. She is my Loving Angel.

Author – Chrysalis J.

Shady Pet Awards/Notes:

  • Service Dog

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