Destiny (1033)

Shady Dog Pet ID: 1033
My hang out:  Lac La Biche, AB (Canada)

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All my life I’ve owned pets. I always thought horses were my favourite but over the years it’s really apparent I must always have a dog in my life. My first dog I had on my own as an adult was a Shepherd Husky cross named Kao (he was my baby). Shortly after we added his brother from another litter to our home (Chase). We loved our boys so much and enjoyed many happy years with them. As they got older we came to terms with the thought that they won’t be with us forever, but knew I’d always need a dog (or 2). I started thinking about breed and if I’d want to have males again. I verbally mentioned that maybe a smaller breed, possibly border collie and females would be nice to try, to see a different demeanour. Shortly after that we read a local story about 5 puppies who were found on the side of the road in a box. Broke my heart but knew they were in good hands with our local shelter. I kept an ear out on their progress. One Sunday I couldn’t stop thinking about them. I called the lady at the shelter and asked if the puppies found homes. She said she had two left and they were females. She had guessed they were a border collie cross. Well….what do you suppose happened next? It was Destiny! I went and picked up those two precious girls, named them Destiny (Desi for short) and Gypsy (our little homeless cutie). The rest is history. We love our girls and they bring joy to our lives everyday.

Author:  Kim H.

Shady Pet Awards/Notes:

  • Rescue Dog

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