Kona (1034)

Shady Dog Pet ID: 1034
My hang out:  Kelowna, BC (Canada)

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Kona was our first baby! She lived a fantastic, energy filled life (2008-2019). One of my favourite memories was a canoe trip about 2011. We lived in Northern Ontario, Canada. We were jumping from small rocks into a the lake…Kona was very worried for her pack; yowling from The shore. Then she decided we were being very unsafe and decided to jump in to save us. Super dog! Flying through the air she belly flopped onto her tummy. She then became the lifeguard. Swimming to us and pushing us with her paws to force the adults (who are excellent swimmers) back to the shore. Our legs were very scratched up from her loving paws, but our lifeguard looked so proud!

Author:  Jennifer W.

Shady Pet Awards/Notes:

  • Super Lifeguard Award

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