Scruffles (1036)

Shady Dog Pet ID: 1036
My hang out:  Los Angeles, CA

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Once I was looking around the shelter and saw a really scruffley and rat looking dog. He was sitting In a corner! He was going to be put to sleep tomorrow! I knew he was perfect! When I brought him home for the very first time he sat in the corner he was very scared of me. I brought him some food and water he ate the food and drank all of the water happy to be safe. He stayed for a mouth his hair started to grow back I took him for his first blowout! His hair looked great! Not like the hair he had before. Now that he has been with me for a two years he is very lovable and loves blowouts. I hope you will consider Scruffles to win.

Author:  Hallee M.

Shady Pet Awards/Notes:

  • Rescue Pet

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