Jackson and Cici Kissyface

Shady Dog Pet ID: 1047

My hang out:  Merrillville, Indiana (USA)

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I have 2 pugs, both rescues. Jackson (fawn pug, 8 yrs old) and Cici Kissyface (black pug, 4). Jackson was a rescue who was given away when the family got a new puppy and didn’t want the old dog anymore. Cici was a cage-kept breeder pug who didn’t know the fun life of being a dog. Anyway, they’re both living the great life in my house and big backyard. Cici Kissyface became quite a diva and wants all the attention now, pushing Jackson out of the way for snacks and pets. And when she does something naughty, she blames Jackson!! He runs and cowers when we find the trouble, and she sits there and smirks! Jackson now has natural worry-face in his little wrinkles! Haha

Author:  Grace K.

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  • Rescue Pet

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