Dot Dot “master of disguise”

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Dot-Dot “Master of disguise”
Do not let her sweet innocent look fool you this stealthy spy and dare I say cat burglar is famous for hiding, hunting, and killing any treat she can find. Still quite playful at 11 years old double dot has always been an expert at getting on to counters somehow sprouting wings and finding trouble. Not only does she sneak about looking for any straight tidbit of food that might be left anywhere. She is notorious for hiding often digging a hobbit hole and sleeping under the covers of a made bed with not a wrinkle to give away her position. Any spot that she may think is warm is up for grabs. At just 18 months old she started her crime spree by sprouting wings and somehow flying to the top of a four and a half foot dresser and eating a one pound chocolate bunny to date she is proud to brag that she’s cost her humans approximately 7, 800 in vet fees from filched goodies, learning to open drawers, and baby gates, to scaling the wall around the compost bin. Be warned this playful pup is still spry enough to be a challenge but old enough to understand the joy sitting with her favorite human to watch the Westminster dog show.

Author:  Michelle C.

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