Shady Hamster Pet ID: 3005
My hang out: Jacksonville, FL (USA)

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Here’s my story …

Pockets was the leader of a small band of mafia hamsters known as the “Sunflower Kids”, named for their proclivity to consume or hoard sunflower seeds in large amounts.

This time the Sunflower Kids had traveled to the DAVID sunflower seed factory (the largest and most heavily guarded of all sunflower seed companies). There was no way they could just walk in. Three cats guarded each entrance and, although mice are their primary target, a hamster would likely be a gourmet meal as well.

They needed a plan.

So Pockets led them into a nearby clothing store, and there he spotted a manikin dressed up as a human doctor.

“That’s it!” Pockets cried.

His gangster buddies all looked perplexed.

Pockets explained the plan.

About an hour later, a doctor with something of an unusual gait approached the gate to the DAVID factory. Pockets peeped his head from the breast pocket of the doctor’s white jacket. He was the pilot, and the other hamsters moved the manikin’s legs and arms at his command.

“Keep going. We’re almost there. Remember, eyes on the prize.”

They reached the gate and were confronted by a cat guard.

“State your business.”

Using a deep voice (which is very hard for a hamster to do), Pockets proclaimed:

“There’s sickness inside. The facility manager asked me to come ASAP.”

“Hmmm. I don’t have you on the list.”

“That’s because it was urgent. He got sick and couldn’t call you. We need to save the factory.”

The cat looked closer at the manikin’s face.

“Is there anything wrong with your…. face?”

“It’s cream. Acne cover up. Got zits, really big and nasty ones.”

“Ahhh zits. I, too, know the pain of adult acne. I’ve suffered for decades, experimenting with one treatment after another, being sent from dermatologist to dermatologist like some common pharma rep!”

“Sooo… can we go inside?”

“Oh. Yeah, sure.”

They nonchalantly walked right into the factory, finding within millions upon millions of the most perfect dried sunflower seeds! And they ate and ate and ate and ate! It was the spoils of victory!

Story by ShadyPets.com (c) 2020. All rights reserved.

Shady Pet Awards/Notes:

  • On Shady Pets (Series 1) Blue #5 Shady Hamster Card.
  • On Pets Gone Shady (Series 2) Blue #5 Shady Hamster Card.

PDF – Pockets Series 2 Card (Print & Play): N/A