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My hang out:  Indianapolis, Indiana

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My name is Dougie, Corbin’s — coulda been a Grand Champion many times over— Doin’ the Dougie American Fuzzy Lop rabbit to be exact. If only I hadn’t had that sly Holland lop grand grandsire… but that’s another tail… My story is kinda embarrassing. Back in March I thought I was just having a bad hair day or maybe seeing some early symptoms of male pattern baldness when all of a sudden my whole fuzzy coat dropped to the floor and I was nekked as a jaybird. And it was COLD! My caterer found me huddled in a corner trying to stay warm and was desperate to rescue me. That’s where her daughter’s marshmallow Peep costume came in. Seriously, you’d think she would have had something more manly for me to wear – a Jon Snow costume or even a Gomez Adams. Really, I know I’m a treat but a macho guy like me has an image to maintain! Fortunately after several weeks of being wined and dined and doted on constantly, I am back to my glorious fuzzy self. What a relief! Now back to the show circuit for more winning!

Author: Helene A

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