Bubble & Snowball

Shady Hamster Pet ID: 3011
My hang out: Brisbane (Australia)

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Here’s my story … (FICTION)

Many months ago, there lived two rats Bubble and Snowball they were fat and chubby perfect for any snake’s dinner. All the snakes wanted to eat them but only one could so in the dead of night an unpredictable snake tried to swallow them whole. The rats knew their fate, but they did not care because little did the devilish snake know was that the rats were not normal. They were Rattamites!  Rattamites were ancient rat like creatures that can explode at their own self defense. These creatures had been traveling the sewers since the Egyptian times but now they had become domesticated power figures. As the snake approached the cage stealthily, it was preparing for its dinner, but as he latched on to the cage preparing to take a bite at one of the rats, he was thrusted back by a bulging explosion the rats had ignited, BOOM BANG! The Rattamites had attacked viciously, protecting their celery sticks they had received early in the morning. The snake hollered at the immense power of the Rattamites but there was nothing he could do to capture his dinner. So, after many seconds of gasping at the path of destruction the rats had made, he slowly retreated terrified of what would happen if the rats were to attack again! The rats had won a valiant victory against their hated nemesis! Despite all the adrenaline rushing through their tiny little bloodstreams the rats retreated to there comfy hammocks to have nap after all there exiting adventures. This is just a reminder, NEVER MESS WITH RATTAMITES!

Author:  Sophie M.

Shady Pet Awards/Notes:

  • On Shady Pets (Series 1) Blue #1 Shady Hamster Card.

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