Potato (3013)

Shady Cat Pet ID: 3013
My hang out: Warren, OH

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Here’s my story ...

Working with teenagers as youth leaders, we are always looking for ways to get them motivated and excited. We came up with this system where the kids would earn “Potato Points” when they do certain things. Tasks such as “bring a friend to an event”, or simply having good behavior would reward them with these points. When they reached 100 points, we would get a hamster. Fast forward 3 months and they have reached their goal of 100 points. One Sunday afternoon, we went to pick out our new friend.

Having already picked out his name, we had to find a hamster that fit the description. Deciding on one, we brought him back and introduced him to his new family of kids waiting to see him. So now we have the hamster, now what about the “Potato Points”. Well, we would buy accessories and toys for continuing to earn points. This would lead us to now having a wooden pirate ship or, “Potato Ship”, a wooden toy cannon or, “Potato Cannon” and our personal favorite, his teeter-totter or, “Tatter-Totter”.

Now, nearly a year later, Potato is happily living a spoiled life. As seen in his picture, he enjoys running around the gym and playing the occasional game of basketball. When he is not exercising in the gym, he enjoys snacking on his favorite treat of sunflower seeds and the occasional donut. In case you were wondering, hamster donut treats are a real thing. We love our little “Hangry Hamster” and hope he brings a smile to your face just as he does ours!


Author:  Hum Youth

Shady Pet Awards/Notes:

  • Pets Gone Shady (Series 2) Blue #7 Shady Hamster Card.