Mimi (3014)

Shady Horse Pet ID: 3013
My hang out: Calgary Alberta Canada

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Mimi belongs to my friend and I am entering with her permission.

Mimi was bought as a baby 8 years ago.

Mimi will eat almost anything. one time the other horses were chewing on the hitching post so we sprayed it with cayenne pepper spray and Mimi then licked all the spray off. Mimi eaten a turkey sandwich out of her owners hand

Last mth we were supposed to go to the barn to ride our horses Saturday, and Sunday but we were not able to make each day so we went Monday (statutory holiday).

Mimi had explosive watery diarrhea. We called the vet. The vet came out on a stat holiday to the barn. Had we not caught it when we did the vet said Mimi likely would not have made it through the night. It was thought to be potomac horse fever which can ONLY be cough from eating an infected snail.

It took a week in a stall (Mimi likes a lot of room) icing her feet twice a day, 5 days of antibiotics, and a TON of cleaning to get her past the fever.

they say escargot are expensive.. Mimi decided to out do us humans and have her snail at a final cost of almost $1500

The picture (with Mimi’s owners permission) is of Mimi with her feet being iced.

Author:  Sheldon S.

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