Shady Reptile Pet ID: 4008
My hang out: Carlsbad, CA (USA)

My mug shots …

Here’s my story …

Hi everyone. I have a confession to make. I’m not the original Zooma. You see, there was one before me. Let me take you way back…

In 2013, one of my owners (Olivia) was in an awesome kindergarten class where they incubated eggs. Olivia and her family got to take home two: Tiny and Biggie. Tiny was, well, tiny. She was the runt of the litter and nobody wanted her, but my owners (The Clarks). Tiny would grow to be a beautiful, robust, egg-laying chicken with feathers so black she looked emerald green! Biggie…well, Biggie didn’t make it past a few weeks. She came down with a chicken disease and is now buried in our backyard (I can’t lie, sometimes I go and sit right on top of her). The girls were devastated. They were crying and so, so sad. So, good ole Mr. Clark went right out and got them another chicken: Zooma #1.

Zooma #1 looked literally like my twin. Who knows, maybe were in a past life or something. But, unlike me, she didn’t make it too long. One hot day she was panting pretty hard. The whole family was sitting outside enjoying the sunshine when they noticed. The girls remember the story in a pretty funny way – they see Zooma #1 having a heart attack like you see in a Bugs Bunny cartoon…very dramatic. Clutching it’s wings to her heart Zooma staggered from one side of the coop to the other before standing up straight, crossing her eyes, and then dramatically placing a wing on her head before falling flat on the ground.

We still aren’t sure what happened to Zooma #1, but literally the day of her memorial service good ole Mr. Clark went right down and got me. And since I looked like the spitting image of Zooma #1 I was immediately named Zooma.

Six or so years later, here I am. I gave them some delicious eggs for about five years, but lately I am just hanging out and ruling the roost. Once in a while I do lay an egg, but these darn other chickens treat it like it’s their afternoon snack because the shells are so thin and, oddly enough, they like to eat chicken egg shells. I know, right?

I love the whole family, but Mr. Clark and the younger sister, Maya, are my best friends. We have what you humans call “a connection”. They think it’s cute how I run right up and cuddle with Maya, and eat right out of Mr. Clark’s hand. And, shucks, I play right into it because it makes them smile.

All in all, life’s pretty awesome for me. Thanks for reading!

Author:  Aimee C.

Shady Pet Awards/Notes:

  • On Shady Pets (Series 1) Yellow #8 Shady Reptile Card.
  • 3rd Place – ShadyPets Kickstarter Photo Contest

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