Princess Elizabeth the Second

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My hang out: Moreno Valley, CA

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  • Princess Elizabeth is a baby Southern Alligator Lizard that came into our life through her mother, Queen Elizabeth (Mommy Southern Alligator Lizard in pictures). Queen Elizabeth was rescued from danger (she was nearly ran over in the middle of the street so I took her home with me) on a hot summer afternoon in June 2018. I had no idea she was pregnant, as she laid two eggs in her new home within the first two weeks of moving into her new home. One of those eggs ended up hatching (without an incubator or heating lamp)! My son and I were extremely excited and surprised when we saw something small moving in Queen Elizabeth’s home: It was a newly hatched Princess Elizabeth! Talk about a double joy whammy! Both her and Queen Elizabeth were inseparable! They did everything together from bathing in the sun together to eating fresh food, to burrowing in the sand as one and getting water baths from a fresh spring water! Princess Elizabeth always made my son smile even though we were all going through severe changes in our lives. From giving us a reason to smile through a heavy divorce/child custody battle, to moving away from our first home due to financial hardship, Princess Elizabeth and her Queen Elizabeth were always a joy to see when we were all together in our first happy little home. Unfortunately, we had to release Princess Elizabeth along with her mother back in the wild due to leaving our first home, which made us cry as they were our first pets we have ever had together. I cannot lie, sometimes when my son brings them up I want to break down in tears, not sad tears, happy tears…He and I miss them both dearly. Not a day goes by where he does not mention the two of them…However, this contest entry is all about Princess Elizabeth…and we are honoring them both at the same time because they were a family of two standing together as one, just like we do.

Author – Tom R.

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  • Rescue pet

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