Bashy is as boy turtle who used hide in his shell, protected and cut-off from the world. One day Bashy decided to take off the shell and just walk around naked. It was super awkward at first but he figured that all the other pets (cats and dogs) walk around naked, so why not him? The first thing he noticed was that he was much lighter and faster. The weight of that shell was really slowing him down. His personality came out like the rising sun! He went camping, surfing and even sledding in the snow using his shell as a sled. This super cool naked turtle is just the guy you want at your party!

Featured on Shady Pets Soccer, Collector’s Pack

Artwork with Bashy …

Bashy is featured on several cards in the game. We’ve heard several people tell us that Bashy’s card “Expose” is their favorite card,  “He’s so cute!” We’re working on a little naked turtle plushie design and should have that available soon.