Game Rule Variations:

  1. Classic 2 Player Version
  2. Party Mode: 2-10 Player Version: See below

Party mode (rules):

Players: 2-10+

Object:   Avoid having to drink by not drawing a drunk card.

Setup:  To start the game, remove the 2 instruction cards then shuffle all the cards very well, then spread them out (face down) on top of a table. Make sure to spread them out well so all the cards can be easily seen.

Starting the game: The person who shuffled the cards goes first (hard work pays off). Turns proceed clockwise around the table. Pick one card and turn it over.

  • If it is a drink card, discard it face up to a Discard Pile on the table. Next person’s turn.
  • If it is a Sober Card, save it in your hand. You can use this later to save yourself or a friend. See below.
  • If you draw one of the 3 Drunk Cards (Wine, Beer, Tequila), you have to drink the drink type on the card or if that’s a problem then just drink anything UNLESS …

UNLESS you have a Sober Card or if a “friend” plays their sober card for you (they don’t have to, lol). Discard the Sober Card and the Drunk Card and play continues to the next person.

Once a person loses and has to drink, reshuffle and play again.