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When it’s your turn, draw one Action Card then play one Action card.

You can play various Action Cards like …

which allow you to uncover Pet Cards like …

… and mark them on your score sheet.

You’re trying to figure out the identity of the four pet cards that were hidden in the Mystery Card Holders before the game started. The mystery cat is “Green 3 – Satchel”. Shhhh … it’s a secret.

Of course, there’s a shortcut. You can play this card …

which lets you to look at one of the Mystery Cards!

… unless another plays this bad boy first!

The Facial Card allows them to steal the power of the card just played (so they get to sneak peek and not you!) It’s like having an octopus thrown on your head! See optional Throw Octopus add-on.

All’s lost unless you can respond with a ‘No Way!” card which negates the last card played. Better said, it makes the last card “go poof!” And you regain your power!

Play until all the Mystery Pets have been solved and there’s a winner …

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