Shady Cat Pet ID: 2018
My hang out: Surrey, BC (Canada)

My mug shots …

Here’s my story … (Fiction)

Once upon a time, there was a sweet tuxedo kitty named Gatito. He was the fluffiest, most adorable ball of love that you can imagine. Nobody knew that his biggest dream was to become a superhero, but one day at his birthday party his mom gave him a superhero costume. He couldn’t believe his eyes! it was the best day of his life. The next day he wore his costume and pretended to be a superhero, but then he realized that he actually had superpowers!!! so he went downstairs to tell his mom and prove it but his mom said… oh baby, it’s not real but you are very cute. But mooom!, said Gatito, it actually works look, look! and Gatito started to swish his paws around but nothing happened. I swear it worked before mommy! so the mom, not wanting to discourage her son told him to go upstairs and keep “practicing” Ok mom, said Gatito a little frustrated. Once upstairs Gatito tried again and this time it worked! when he swished his paws luminous rays came out of them and they seemed to open a portal to another dimension. He wondered why he couldn’t do it in front of his mom? Gatito was so curious about the portal so he decided to go through it and when he got to the other side he found himself in the middle of town and now he was very confused, his little heart was racing! he had to think for a moment and make sure he was not dreaming, so he pinched himself and said ouch! he was not dreaming. And then, he opened the portal again and went back home. He started to practice his power, just like his mommy told him and he could go anywhere he wanted. All he had to do was to imagine the place he wanted to go. One morning Gatito, his mom and dad were having breakfast and his dad told him that he was going to be working at the new skyscraper in town. His daddy worked in construction. Gatito always thought his daddy was like a superhero building massive skyscrapers that were so shiny and beautiful. As soon as they finished the breakfast the daddy went to work and Gatito went to school but he took his costume with him in his backpack. When he was in the middle of his math class he got a funny feeling… he started to worry about his daddy for some reason, so he told his teacher Ms. Douglas that he needed to go to the bathroom and he grabbed his backpack and left. Once in the bathroom he got dressed up and opened a portal and imagined the construction site where his daddy worked. Once there, at the construction site he saw his daddy and right above him there was a huge slab of concrete about to fall, his heart started racing again and all he could think of was running as fast as his little paws could to push his daddy out of harms way. Gatito was successful, he saved his daddy and his daddy was aware that his son saved him, but everything happened incredibly fast and the daddy was in the floor and a big cloud of smoke and rubble was hiding everything so he couldn’t see Gatito anywhere. The daddy screamed Gatiiitooooo! where are you? and then, very slowly there was some movement under the rubble. A tiny gray figure popped out of the mess and said in a weak voice… daaaddyy! the daddy went running to get his son out of the rubble and cleaned him up a bit and told him: I will take you home my son! you are my hero! Gatito answered: thank you daddy, I love you with all my heart! and the daddy said I love you too my son, and I’m so proud of you! Gatito told his daddy about his new found powers and his daddy was amazed! they decided to keep it a secret from the world and then they headed back home because the little one needed to rest and heal. Gatito was so happy that he could save his daddy’s life and decided that he would keep practicing his powers so one day he could save the world!

Author: Aveline B.

Shady Pet Awards/Notes:

  • On Shady Pets (Series 1) Green #2 Shady Cat Card.
  • Fictional Cat:  Enter contest with a creative story about this cat.

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