Mummy Puss

Shady Cat Pet ID: 2022
My hang out:  Adelaide (Australia)

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Here’s my story ...

Once upon a time in a land far away (Australia), there was a stray cat living on the streets every day. Never owned by no human, never given love or pats, everyday was a struggle for survival, the standard lives for street cats.
Luckily by chance in an area full of strays, she wandered into one garden whose home would become hers to stay. Pregnancy after pregnancy, litter after litter this poor little cat would become weaker and thinner. Pitty put upon her for being a homeless cat, she met some humans who in time would make her fat.
Everyday food was put out for her with blankets and water and with treats for some bribery the distance between us grew shorter. Distance became metres, metres became pats. Slowly her trust build towards humans into a friendship that would last.

Her kittens were caught and hopefully rehomed and by the help of the animal welfare the streets where no longer their homes. But again pregnancy struck and this time she had six, four little girls and two precious boys.

Born in a water metre box, found at three days old the kittens were collected and brought into our home. With their mother beside them they remained with us till 8 weeks old until sadly it was time to find them new homes. All were rehomed, health checked and desexed, I hope my little girls are doing their best.

At home we kept the mother now known as Mummy Puss and her two sons Mr Grey and Mr Pink Nose all together live under the same roof. I love my cat family and I know they love me. My army of cats my family of three. The stray little mother now done with her birthing days basks in the sun with her boys everyday.
All health checked and vaccinated, micro chipped and desexed, no nightmare of street life will they ever live in again.

Warm beds, lots of toys, endless kisses and pats awaits them daily with lots of yummy snacks.

Author:  Crystal K.

Shady Pet Awards/Notes:

  • Rescue pet

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