Shady Cat Pet ID: 2023
My hang out:  Kamloops, BC (Canada)

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Here’s my story ...

When picking up our cat’s ashes at the veterinary clinic, the vet tech came out with the ashes in one hand and a little, black kitten from a feral cat colony in the other. We couldn’t say no and brought Gracie home. That was 14 years ago. We later became a foster home for our local BC SPCA and found out about a large feral cat colony just on the outskirts of town. Many shelters and rescues had tried to trap and bring the cats in over the years, but inevitably some cats evaded the traps and the colony grew again. I then found out that this is the colony our Gracie came from!

I teamed up with two friends I met while volunteering for the SPCA to form Sammy’s Forgotten Felines. We decided the suffering had to end in this colony once and for all. Last November we started trapping, rehabilitating, and rehoming this large colony. This has been an enormous job not just with trapping and cat and kitten care, but also with fundraising for veterinary care and finding homes for all of these cats. We have been fortunate to have other rescues help us with adoptions. To date we have brought in 77 cats and kittens. We believe there are only 3 left and we will continue until they are all brought in. It is amazing what three determined women can accomplish – prompted by one little, black, Gracie cat.

Author:  Julie O.

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  • Rescue pet

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