Henry (2040)

Shady Cat Pet ID: 2040
My hang out:  Sturbridge, MA

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Please allow me to introduce you to my mischievous little angel Henry! Henry is a 2 year old domestic short hair. In July of 2019, a friend of mine put an urgent post on Facebook about a cat ( Henry) needing a home, if his current owner had not found him a home, she was planning to just let him outside and never look back. I couldn’t let this happen so I immediately said I will take him!
My best friend Lisa and I picked him up. When we walked into the previous owners home, Henry walked right up to me and let me pick him up, he instantly licked me and put his head on my shoulder, it was as if he was always meant to be mine and I couldn’t wait to get him home- it was love at first sight! I already have a yorkie-poo senior dog that is 14 years old so now I have a senior and an infant/toddler!
Henry was overly affectionate from day 1, he loved and still loves to be held, if he could get under my skin, he would! He is as perfect as he is devilish! He loves to walk by the dog and swat her to play, if the dog is sleeping, Henry will sit next to her and tap her on the head to wake her and once she wakes up, Henry just looks at her!
He requires, yes a cat that actually requires A LOT of attention and when he wants to be held ( which is anytime I’m home!), he will put his front paws on my shoulder and climb up me, If I try to put him down, he will lift his back paws like a little kid so I’m not able to.
His absolute favorite “toy” is a Q-tip! I had to resort to storing them in a cabinet hidden behind food because he would take the entire box! That was a great spot for a while, then he saw me get one and he now sits on the refrigerator and opens the cabinet with his paws pushes things off the shelf, takes a q-tip, gets the cutest look on his face and runs!
He loves pop tarts and munchkins, if he sees any on the counter, he will jump up, grab them and run- sometimes I think he thinks he’s human!
He loves to do a mad dash around the house and he needs to be higher than anything or anybody, which means after examining a room he will jump to the highest table, shelf and even scale the kitchen cabinets to simply observe his kingdom! I definitely live in his house!
He is a kitten who definitely keeps me on my toes. My neighbors often hear me saying “Oh Henry!” He has a fun, quirky personality and I wouldn’t change him for the world!
He has brought me so much joy and laughter in the short time I have had him. I have always felt that he was meant to be mine. He was a little piece of the puzzle that was missing in my life.

Author:  Nicole R.

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  • Rescue Pet!

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