Shady Dog Pet ID: 1022
My hang out: Kingston (Canada)

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A dog that was in my life for the last 3/4, she is a dog with so many crazy stories and memories of even crazier days spent together with her. So who would have though something so life changing would have had such an interesting beginning?

At the age of four I have a memory of stopping by our local corn and vegetable stand on the way home from the city. Upon arriving and stepping out of the car we see just a wave of the cutest little beagle puppies one could imagine. Noticing the delight of my mother, not only did we leave with a bushel of corn for that night, but the runt of the little. She was free to us as according to her previous owner runts don’t make very good hunting dogs, but I don’t think that was ever her purpose. Her purpose was to bring 15 years of happiness and adventures to our family, to help us get up each day (sometimes begrudgingly), and to make us learn that sometimes all you need is a good nap to be ready to play again.

Author – Olivia A.

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