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Luna is a sassy 2 year old black lab. She is very crazy and rebellious, but we have many funny stories of Luna. I am going to tell you about The
Evil Vacuum Cleaner. Luna has never liked the vacuum cleaner. Ever since she was a little puppy she was very scared of it. But instead of getting away from the vacuum she decides to approach her fears differently. Her first step is to bark at the vacuum, but when that does not work she decides to get a closer look. As soon as the vacuum gets pushed towards her, she jumps high in the air like she was wishing to fly. She lands like a cat still having 9 lives and tries a new technique. She runs really fast like a cheetah over to her sister Tessa hoping she can save her from the evil vacuum, but to nobody’s surprise Tessa does not care about Luna’s issues and walks away. That was Luna’s last technique she had nothing else to do. But Luna never gives up so, she had one last idea which was to try and get ride of the vacuum. She takes matters to her own hands and farts on the vacuum. Of course that does not work but the vacuum cleaner did stop because of all the laughing. Luna finally got ride of the evil vacuum using her gassy butt. It was the last time the vacuum cleaner messed with her.(until we start cleaning again) But Luna saved the day. (for herself!)

Yes this is a true story. Luna is one crazy ( and gassy) dog. We are happy we have many more years with this crazy girl! Hope you enjoyed!

Author – Lily H.

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