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SHAKE: Finding once, Losing twice , Loving Endlessly

I grew up scared of dogs , for reason that was somehow irrational. Dogs made me shake, no matter how cute they were. But everything changed , when I migrated to a place where dogs are not considered just animals but family members. When I got married in 2018, my husband and I decided to have a fur baby that will match our personalities. We did a research till we finally decided to bring home a JACK RUSSELL TERRIER, a hyper and energetic dog which matched our personalities . He was 8th week old. He was so tiny, fluffy, sweet and gentle. I held him in my my arms softly as I felt his fragile warm body. He was a baby , searching for a motherly love and looking for a loving home. When I embraced him , he was SHAKING. I remembered those days when I was scared with dogs that I was literally SHAKING whenever I would see one. Now, here in my arms was a sweet little creature , waiting and wanting to be loved.

We decided to name him SHAKE. I cuddled him in his first few nights in his new home. We watched him grew a little each day. It took time before he was able to learn to pee and poo at the right spot. I couldn’t remember how many pee pads we spent and how many times he stinked the house. It was a success when he learned. When he celebrated his 1 year bday , he stop growing. He would remain less than 10 kgs, which was good for us because we love to carry him around.

SHAKE gives us joy every now and then. But one day , we lost him when we were renovating our fence. The feeling of pain and losing a loved one was indescribable. I ended up crying and running like crazy trying to look for him. Someone took him. But by miracle , he was given back to us. That was the first time we lost him.

The second time we lost him was when He escaped from his tie after a walk when we were in the cabin. I saw him escaped and I ran after him. I was calling and shouting SHAKE , running after him and calling for HELP because I feared he might get hit or fall in a pit , or attack by other animal. Being a JRT, he was so fast and I have to run in double speed so I will not lose sight of him. I panicked to the thought of losing him in my sight, I just kept on running. I was so scared coz there was a time I can no longer see him. I shouted too loud that I felt like I broke my vocal chords. I literally kneeled on the road , and prayed. I was able to corner him in unoccupied cabin . He crawled underneath. It was impossible for me to fit underneath , so I stop, sat and just stared at him. There, he slowly walked towards me. He gave me an embrace, I felt like he thought we were just playing running or hide and seek. I was carrying him on the way to our cabin.

The thought of losing him is so heartbreaking so I am more careful. While it was fortunate for me that he always came back , this will not be true in all cases. Not all stories have happy endings. I would never lose him one ever again.

Everyday , my husband and I come home while he waits for us. He loves us unconditionally. He kisses us and cuddles with us and expects nothing but just pure love and attention, in return. SHAKE is our bundle of joy (-:

We found him, we lost him twice, WE LOVE HIM ENDLESSLY!

Author – Nonita M.

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