Shady Dog Pet ID: 1037
My hang out: California

My mug shots …

Here’s my story …  (Fictional)

Once upon a time a long long time ago a dog was born. She was the first dog to ever walk the earth. Her name was Georgia. She had a bark that would shake the earth and a growl that would make mountains appear! One day she was walking in her favorite forest when she saw a witch. She asked the witch what she was doing in Georgia’s part of the forest, the witch responded that she had come bearing gifts! Georgia was intrigued! She asked the witch to go on. The witch said that there were two doors, one door would bring dogs to rule the whole world! The other door would make the dogs small and have to forever be tied to humans on a leash! The witch said that Georgia didn’t have to open the door but Georgia wanted to help all the dogs out there so she said she would do it. The witch presented Georgia with the first door. It was red with blue stripes. Georgia thought that that must be the right door! The next door was plain blue with no stripes. Georgia thought about this for a long time and then made her decision. Georgia announced that the red door was the right choice! The witch opened it and inside was……. a leash! Georgia pleaded but the witch would not budge! Finally she said she would give Georgia another chance in 5,0000000000000 years and Georgia would live until she had to make the same choice again. And with a flash of the witch’s cape, she was gone. And Georgia shrank down just as the first humans arrived. But Georgia knew the witch would be back eventually! And this time around, Georgia was ready.

Author: Willow N.

Shady Pet Awards/Notes:

  • On Shady Pets (Series 1) Red #1 Shady Dog Card.

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