Josie is a bold, extrovert, uninhibited female cat. She’s always getting into trouble with her active imagination. She likes to dress up and pretend she’s an actor often reciting lines from her favorite movies. Josie has been a bandito, a wizard, even a super hero! She’s not afraid to try new things. Just suggest a wild idea to her, and she’s game.

She can also be very affectionate and friendly and everyone loves her, even the boy cat down the street, Sir Isaac. She knows not to return his advances. “Always play hard to get” she tells herself. But her little secret is that she kinda likes him!

Artwork with Josie …

Josie was one of our original pets for the game and is featured in many cards. We knew we had a hit with Josie when we first put her in that little “bandito” outfit for our first “No Way” card.