Sir Isaac

Sir Issac is a sophisticated yet pretentious cat. He often times thinks he’s a prince, born into royalty, and should be served his meals accordingly.  “On a plate”, he demands. “I will not eat anything off the floor!”

It has long bothered him that he lives in a typical suburb home with an average family, something he considers torture to his elite and wealthy mindset.  At night, he sneaks out of his human dwelling to fraternize with the local pets. He’s smitten with the neighborhood lady cat, Josie. She sees through his little facade and rarely responds to his charming advances. This, of course, drives him nuts!

Featured on Shady Pets Soccer, Collector’s Pack

Artwork with Sir Isaac ..

Sir Isaac is a late addition to the Shady Pets world and is currently only featured in the expansion packs. We thought a male cat with a strong personality would be interesting to interact with the lovely Miss Josie!