Meet the totally cool hipster dog named Bruno or “B-Dawg” as his friends call him. Bruno is a mischief-maker and ringleader to his gang of pet friends.  Bruno got his name (meaning brown) for the brown patches on his body, especially the one around his left eye. Bruno is a very clever and resourceful dog. He is known for finding new ways to sneak into the pantry to grab some human food without his human family knowing. “Don’t get greedy!” is his motto.

Bruno hangs out with his “sister” Monkey (or The Monks). They can be quite the dynamic duo. One time, Bruno and The Monks snuck out of the house and trotted into town to explore the world. They encountered all sorts of strange animals and stores but eventually headed back home when they missed their family.

Featured on Shady Pets Soccer, Collector’s Pack

Artwork with Bruno…

Bruno is one of our original pets in the game and our first dog! Bruno was meant to represent a cool yet “shady” character that always finds new ways to get into trouble. Bruno is featured on some of our shirts and a new plushie.