The Monks

Meet Monkey, AKA “The Monks”. Monkey is our family dog named after her curly “monkey” tail. She’s half Shiatsu and half Poodle and weighs about 10 pounds. We adopted her when she was about 1 1/2 years old and true to her breed is the ultimate lap and cuddle dog! She’s mostly quiet except when the UPS truck pulls up. Then she transforms into Little Miss Rottweiler (her alter ego). She gets a little hyper ancy when we take on walks and has no fear of confronting the big dogs in the neighborhood.  If we leave some food on the coffee table at night, she will sneak downstairs after we go to bed to inspect the offering, even climbing up on the table to dive in! Yes, we caught her red-handed a few times. Normally she stays out of trouble but a couple times when we’re gone, she’ll sneak into the pantry and pull out a bag of chips, carry it the living room, then leaves it there. We think she feels too guilty and decides not to devour the chips or perhaps hasn’t figured out how to put the chips back in the pantry after her snack!

Featured on Shady Pets Soccer, Collector’s Pack

Artwork with Monkey:

We had to make Monkey a character in the game. She’s included in the “instructions” (how to play section) and likes to hang out with her buddy Bruno.