Hot off the press

Hot off the press

We’ve been very fortunate to have a number of third party reviews of the Shady Pets game. Please see several summary quotes below and links to the full article/video reviews below:

Epic Slant: “Shady Pets give you all of the things you like in a game and none of the things that you don’t. Social deduction, animal/pet themes, creative action cards, extremely quick to pick up, set up, and playtime are the defining attributes that make this game a home run. If you have an inclination towards any of the traits I just mentioned, you should take this game for a spin!” Read Review

Everything Board Games: “Deduction games are among my very favorites, and Shady Pets gets quick-deduction-with-a-twist done just right, from the action cards to the ramped-up scoring for each subsequent guess. As a gameschooling mom, I really appreciate the opportunity to work on reason and logic in a short, cute package. The octopus. He’s my favorite and now lives in the game room and often visits games where he’s not even an official character. I didn’t know what my life was missing, but it turned out to be an octopus wearing sunglasses. The photos of the pets on the Pet cards are adorable, and the illustrations on the Action cards are hysterical! There’s a lot of fun to be had just from looking at and reading the cards.” Read Full Article

Unfiltered Gamer: “It’s cute. It’s fun. This is a game I would definitely see myself playing at family gatherings. I do strongly like this game at 4 and 5 players!” Watch video.

The blog Tales of a Mini Painter: “Overall I think this is a fun party game. It is different enough to engage players without overburdening them with rules that they have to keep up with.” Read Review.

Marooner’s Rock: “While my girl and I have played tons of card games, Shady Pets takes the cake for those with pets. Shady Pets offers a unique way of playing that makes a twist between Exploding Kittens and Clue ideas and makes it fun between two players and more.” Read Review

The Friendly Board Gamer: “Shady Pets is a good, light-hearted, fun game. You can set up, teach and play in around 30 minutes making it ideal as a filler game.” Read Review

The New Right Network: “We hope that people will take the chance when they see Shady Pets on the shelf and buy this game. It is a very good game that can be played under 30 minutes, unlimited playability. This is a game that anyone should be happy to have on their shelf.” Read Review

Game Boy Geek: “Shady Pets brings elements of popular classics like Clue & Uno to the table and puts its own twist on it in this cute, fun, light strategy game that the whole family can enjoy.” – Dan from Game Boy Geek. Watch Video

Circle of Nerds: “Shady Pets is a winner in our house! We really enjoyed the photos on the Pet Cards and the graphics on the Action Cards. Enjoyed throwing the octopus on people’s faces! It’s a really solid family game!” Watch Video

Cara the Blonde Unicorn: “Sooo cute! Cool combination of some classic game elements with a fresh twist! I’m excited to share Shady Pets with all my friends.” Watch Video

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