Kickstarter Update – Pledge Manager

Kickstarter Update – Pledge Manager

Thank you all for your incredible support of our Kickstarter! It’s a dream come true for us and we’re excited to bring Shady Pets to reality!

What’s Next?

The Shady Pets Kickstarter campaign officially ended at 7:05 am PST on October 31, 2019. It usually takes Kickstarter about 10-14 days to process your pledge and complete your pledge payment. Once that step is completed, we will open our pledge manager. We anticipate we will be ready to go around November 14-15.

What is a Pledge Manager?

A pledge manager allows our Kickstarter backers to alter their pledges, choose additional items, personalize what they bought and type in and confirm their shipping address. This is done through an online survey process. Since we mentioned in our Kickstarter campaign that shipping fees would be added in the post campaign pledge manager, you will need to make payment for your shipping in order to receive the game.

The pledge manager will allow you to add more units, swap from the Original to the NSFW, add one or multiple Throw Octopuses, and so on.

We will be using Backerkit as our pledge manager for this campaign. Backerkit will be open from approximately November 11-26. On the 27th, we will begin the last stage of pre-production so please complete your surveys quickly.

The invitation will be sent directly to the email address linked to your Kickstarter account. Be sure to check your spam folder in case it was captured there!

Missed the Kickstarter campaign?
You can still order Shady Pets via a “Late Pledge”. All of the Kickstarter offers are available here. This option will close on November 26, 2019.

Please see this link

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