Shady Pet Celebrities

Shady Pet Celebrities

September 24, 2019 – Carlsbad, CA – We’re super excited to announce today that several of the world’s most famous pets have joined the Shady Pets team and will be featured on the game’s various Pet Cards. We’d like to add more celebrity pets upon getting funded on Kickstarter and will include some new celebrity bonus rewards for reaching certain Social Stretch Goals during the Kickstarter campaign! Our Kickstarter launches on October 1st and will run 30 days!

Hosico the Cat: Hosica has over 1.6 million followers on Instagram and is listed in almost every top 10 online poll of most “liked” pets in the world! Hosica will be proudly displayed on our #5 Shady Cat Card!

Zappa the Cat:  Zappa has 119K followers on Instagram and has been featured in People Magazine’s “Pets” 2018. She is considered the “Most Stylish Pet on Instagram”. It’s a great honor to have the glamorous Zappa on our #1 Shady Cat Card!

Please let us know if you know or want to recommend any other celebrity pets that would be great to add to our team!

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