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This is the story of Sparkle, who was once owned by a very old and wealthy lady. This lady had no children and, as a result, Sparkle spent every day at the lady’s side, being pampered with the finest dog treats and toys. Upon her death, she willed her entire estate to Sparkle.

For a while, the lady’s maids and butlers continued to take care of Sparkle, but soon they grew envious and greedy. They believed that they were the rightful heirs of the old woman’s estate and eventually filed a lawsuit.

The legal battle was intense. Paparazzi surrounded the courthouse for every day of the three-month trial and Sparkle found tabloid fame, both as an innocent victim and a fashion icon, popularizing the now familiar reindeer glasses and checkered bowtie combo.

But the maids and butlers won the case. The estate was sold off and the lady’s fortune was shared among them.

On Christmas Eve of that year, Sparkle was sent to a Humane Society center. By this time, Sparkle hadn’t bathed for a month and had gotten scrawny from hunger. That night, all of the other dogs and cats in the center were adopted as Christmas pets, but nobody wanted Sparkle.

Five minutes before closing, a young boy arrived with his mom and approached Sparkle’s cage. Sparkle’s tail wagged. It was love at first sight and the boy begged his mom to adopt Sparkle. Unfortunately, his mom didn’t have much money and said that she couldn’t afford the adoption fees.

However, the lady at the Human Society had a kind heart. She said that they could have Sparkle for free.

They brought Sparkle home, washed and fed her. Sparkle’s tail wagged with delight. She felt loved again and all three of them spent a joyful Christmas together.

The next morning, the boy and his mom took Sparkle for a walk, and happened to pass by the estate where Sparkle used to live. Sparkled pulled the leash so hard that she got free. She ran to the foot of a large tree and dug furiously.

Sparkle remembered a secret sack that the wealthy old lady had buried one day many years ago. She dug up the sack and carried it back to her new owners.

When they got home, the boy and his mom eagerly opened the sack. It was full of precious gold coins, worth millions of dollars.

Now Sparkle would be pampered again! But, most importantly, she would be pampered by a loving family.

Story by (c) 2021. All Rights Reserved.

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