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Santa Claus-wise, we all know the basics, rights? Delivers gifts on Christmas Eve; flies on a sleigh with eight reindeer; plays favorites with the brightly nosed Rudolph in order to save money on headlights.

Did you know, however, that Santa also has a group of snow dogs at the North Pole that have a very important job?

These snow dogs are responsible for snowfall. How? When a snow dog howls, the sound rises through the night sky to the top of the highest mountain in Finland and wakes up old Jack Frost, who—incredibly grumpy after being woken from an eleven-month long slumber—starts to angrily hurl snow toward the land.

So every year, a few days before Christmas, the snow dogs gather together, howl in unison and cause snow to fall all over the world. On Christmas Eve, the leader of the snow dogs rides along in Santa’s sleigh to make sure it snows while Santa delivers presents.

Last year, however, there was a crisis. In December, all of the snow dogs caught a virus that made their throats sore, and the entire planet was stricken with a heatwave. At the North Pole, ice began to melt, and there was an unprecedented rush on sunglasses at the local 7-Eleven.

The only snow dog not to get sick was a puppy named Frosty, who was only 8 weeks old. Frosty hadn’t learned the snow howl yet and the other dogs were too sick to help.

On Christmas Eve, Santa made an appeal to little Frosty.

‘You’re my only shot. If Christmas is going to be saved, you’ll have to howl’.

Frosty tried, but nothing came out.

As the elves packed up Santa’s sled and attached the reindeer reigns, Santa called out to Frosty.

‘Get in! Frosty, you’ve got this. I believe in you!’

They soared into the night sky and Frosty tried with all his might, but nothing came out. Things were looking desperate. Without snow, Santa wouldn’t be able to land his sled on anyone’s roof and no one would get their presents.

Just as Santa’s eyes began to fill with tears, the clouds above parted and a full moon came into view. Frosty tried one more time, and out came the most joyful snow howl, sounding across the entire land.

That night saw more snow than ever before, and all the children woke up to a white Christmas, with full stockings and presents under their trees.

Story by (c) 2021. All Rights Reserved.

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