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Snowy the hamster had a problem.

He lived with two bunnies who were quite the arrogant so-and-sos and liked to crow over the idea they were their owners’ favorite pets.

So Snowy came up with a solution: He challenged them to a snowball fight.

The winner would be crowned the most beloved pet(s) in their home and, indeed, the entire history of the known universe.

The bunnies accepted the challenge without a second thought. They were bigger and faster and believed themselves to be a lock for the victory.

It really can’t be overstated how confident they were. I mean, they were extremely hubristic about the whole situation. Like, if they’d have been living in a state in which parimutuel betting on hamster-rabbit snowball fights was legalized, they would have totally gone big on themselves.

When gameday arrived, the rabbits went outside and circled Snowy under a tree. They cackled as they pummeled poor Snowy with snowballs, which he tried dodging to little avail.

He needed an idea, and fast.

Snowy ran up the trunk of the tree and out to the edge of one of its snow-covered branches, then jumped up and down. His weight was enough to shake the branch and cover the bunnies below with snow.

An interesting fact about rabbits is that, much like humans, they tend not to like having a branch’s worth of congealed snow dropped directly onto their heads.

And so, they surrendered, and Snowy was crowned The Favorite Pet in the Household and Indeed in All Households in The History of the Known Universe.

Sno-wy! Sno-wy! Sno-wy!

Story by (c) 2021. All Rights Reserved.

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