Holiday Pet ID: 8305

My hang out:  Maumee, OH (USA)

My mug shots …

Here’s my story ...

The name’s Cane… just ‘Cane’, actually. I don’t have a first name. You know how I got the moniker? It’s because I’ll do anything for a candy cane.

Do I really mean ‘anything’? Oh boy do I. In fact, I once did what I don’t think it’d be hyperbole to call the craziest thing that has ever occurred this side of the Amazon River.

You see, it was during the holidays that my brother, Flip Flop, discovered a half-eaten candy cane in the gutter (just so you know, ‘half-eaten’ is, in my world, considered pretty high grade).

Flip Flop dragged the candy cane for three whole days before arriving at my tree, then offered me this delightful treat if I could pull off the most difficult of all chameleon acrobatic moves: The Mystic Roundabout Spiral Twister.

I did say ‘anything’!

I went to the highest branch, then used my super stretchy tongue to latch onto another nearby branch and swing myself like a trapeze artist. When I reached the top of my swing, I released my tongue and twisted and flipped as I fell toward the ground.

Then—a mere millisecond before a likely fatal crash to the earth—I used my tongue to catch yet another branch, which swung me upwards. But good golly was it a close shave. I swooped so low that my tail carved a small ravine in the ground beneath me.

Let me take the opportunity to insert a disclaimer here:

***Cane would like to remind you that Cane is a trained professional chameleon athlete. You should never try to emulate what Cane does inside, outside or while swinging ostentatiously around a tree.***

As I released my tongue for the final time, I landed safely and upright next to my bro, who handed me my prize.

What a delight! That candy cane tasted like victory. Also like someone else’s saliva. But mostly victory.

Story by (c) 2021. All Rights Reserved.

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