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Tinsel had an amazing sense of smell.

At Christmas time, if one of the presents that her family had placed under the tree had food in it, Tinsel would drag it back to the guest bedroom closet and tear it open with her claws.

If the food was worthy of her finicky taste, she’d eat it up. If not, she’d pile it in the corner of the closet with all the other uneaten presents.

This year, there happened to be tons of gifts from Harry & David, Baked by Melissa, Taste of Chicago, Popcorn Company and many more retailers of fine cuisine.

One day, the family’s mom noticed that some of the presents were missing. She asked her husband and son about it and both responded with a nervous ‘I don’t know’, as if she were accusing them of something.

So, the mom searched all over the house, and at last came to the guest bedroom closet.

When she opened the door, a giant stack of food and shredded boxes came tumbling down on top of her.

‘HEEEEELP!’ she screamed as she lay on the floor, trapped under the pile and with a half-eaten cut of Taste of Chicago flank steak stuck to her forehead.

Her husband and son ran into the room and helped her up.

‘Who could have done this?’ asked the son.

Just then, Tinsel walked into the room.

All eyes were now on her. Damn, she thought. The game’s up. No more secret hiding place.

She grinned, ‘Meow!’

This, it turned out, was a wise move. The family all laughed and, having laughed, couldn’t help but forgive their little Tinsel, and all of them had a very merry Christmas!

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