Shady Dog Pet ID: 2048

My hang out:  London, England (UK)

My mug shots …

Here’s my story ...

One evening, after a few pints of stout, an aspiring young London reporter hopped on the Tube at Oxford Circus and spotted a peculiar white cat sat in the corner of his car.

Our drunken reporter knelt down near the stray and began to conduct an interview.

“I’m here with, er… Tabby, or ‘the ghostly gato’, as she’s known in court circles. Now Tabby, legend has it that you were hit by an underground train sometime in the late 19th century and, ever since, have been doomed to roam the rails, much like a pigeon who’s mistakenly flown in through the stairwell.”

The reporter ventriloquized the cat’s reply.

“Hogwash! Now see here, my well-spoken, intelligent friend; just because I’m a white cat does not make me a ghost.”

“A just assessment. But how, may I ask, do you explain a certain phantom-likeness regarding your whereabouts?”

“An absurd adjective, ‘phantom-likeness’. In any case, allow me to say the following: you’re wearing the most handsome of ties.”

“Tabby, you’re frequently spotted here, but then, a few minutes later, you’re in Waterloo. Surely no living creature could be in two places–”

“All white cats are oftentimes confused as the same cat. My brother, for example, is quite fond of the Waterloo area. Claims there’s fresh fish in the streets.”

“And there you have it my friends, the most perplexing mystery in the history of the London underground finally solved!”

Having endured the reporter’s stout breath for the preceding two minutes, Tabby let out a doleful, “Meow?”

“And just one last question. May I touch you? May I rub your head? Just a little scratchety-scratch behind the ears? Scratchy-watchy wah-wah?”

Tabby considered the request for a moment, then nodded, and stepped toward the reporter.

The reporter reached into his pocket, took out his phone and turned on its camera. He then reached out and tried to pet the cat, and felt nothing but air.

Tabby smiled as she disappeared before his very eyes.

“And there you have it! Tabby! The ghostly gato! The feline phantom! The—oh, bugger.”

When he checked his phone, the reporter saw that he’d forgotten to hit ‘record’. His dream of a six-figure YouTube view count had been snatched away.

Why oh why did he always seem to suffer such misfortune after a pint or six of stout?

Story by (c) 2020. All rights reserved.

Shady Pet Awards/Notes:

  • The Vanishing Cat Award!
  • Pets Gone Shady (Series 2) Green #6 – Shady Cat Card.