Munster, Mr. Fancy Pants

Shady Dog Pet ID: 1030
My hang out: Baltimore, MD

My mug shots …

Here’s my story …

My mommy Glenda used to foster a dog named Sophia who had Spina Bifida. Because Mommy had experience raising a differently abled dog, she was contacted to see if she would adopt me as I was going to be euthanized otherwise, as I too was diagnosed having Spina Bifida . Mommy said yes! 🙂 .After my story made the news two times, my Facebook friends helped Mommy raise my air fare and I took a long flight to Baltimore at 12 weeks and and arrived to find loving arms around me. 🙂 I then and still do live with Mommy in Maryland USA. On a couple of occasions I became extremely ill, and had to have 2 operations to save my life, which the specialist only gave me a 10 to 30% chance of survival. I fought hard and lived and now I’m coming up to my 9th birthday this year. 🙂 Having Spina Bifida, I don’t have control over both toileting habits as I don’t get the feeling when I have to go. Because of this, when I’m inside or out in public, I have to wear pull-up diapers, but I call them my Fancy Pants! 🙂 I’m loved by over 800,000 friends on my Facebook page from people all over the world who are all family to me. I get up to all sorts of adventures and have my own imagination on stories I tell, even though some may think I’m telling fibs, but 98% of people believe me when I tell them I have special power eyes I can shine because my best friend Superman made that possible for me :). I try to inspire everyone and I’m living proof that animals who are born differently abled, don’t deserve a death sentence. Whether an animal is blind, deaf, can’t hear, paralyzed in either front or back legs, had an amputation, have Megaesopagus or any other medical condition that makes them differently abled, doesn’t mean they have to be euthanized. We can all live a happy long life with just a little more care and love 🙂 All animals have feelings and we all deserve to live. I have helped many many people, children and animals over the world through my page because we are all one in this world and all deserve happiness. My mommy has now developed the worst case of Lupus known and is very ill from it, so now both Mommy and I both fight to keep living together for each other :). Mommy rescued me, and now I’m still there for her to rescue her back as we are soul mates. 🙂 Thank you so much for considering my quick little story of how I become Munster Mr Fancy pants, and so people call me the King hunk. 🙂

Author – Donna N.

Shady Pet Awards/Notes:

  • Rescue Pet
  • Handicapped Pet
  • Facebook Celebrity Pet – 760K+ followers
  • Pets Gone Shady (Series 2) Red #6 – Shady Dog Card
  • 1st Place – Amazing Stories Contest