Tanuki & Marius (3015)

Shady Horse Pet ID: 3015
My hang out: Baltimore, MD (USA)

My mug shots …

Here’s my story ...

Me and my little brother Marius’ earliest memories start in at a chain pet store. I wish I could say our memories there were happy, but unfortunately they weren’t. Do you have today I sat in the corner of my tank wishing I could just stick one tunnel my brother cheat on her disgusting little plastic hideout later.One day Three people came walking bye Marius picked up and watch them be right as I was kind of tired so I just sit in the corner but little did I know that day would be the day when I would get brand new wonderful sent us home that was the best part was that list but I actually got make tons of tunnels. Why later movie night I woke up and I woke up because I noticed that the snuggle with my brother Maria‘s wasn’t right beside me I got up and looked all right he was it anyway the litter tank was open and I started to worry a lot. I tried to go back to bed but I couldn’t so I tried hard eventually did for sleep in in the morning I heard people talking loudly use the three who is my name.Since I saw my little brother is run out into the white space of the on the floor plus he actually he looks fine I was really just wasn’t sick then my three owners of the name his name one more time picture came running over they picked him up and plants and back with me I was so happy to see my brother again because then we can finally start working on some systems again but I’ll do that by myself because he slept the whole day.

sadly, Marius did not learn his lesson from that little ordeal. I am happy to report that I have stopped Marius from escaping a few times. As his big brother I feel it is my job to keep him safe. Marius continually chews new holes in our playpen and when he’s about to escape through the hole I run over and nudge him away until he gets the message and moves on to something else.


Author:  Cristel S.

Shady Pet Awards/Notes:

  • Pets Gone Shady (Series 2) Blue #6 Shady Hamster Card.