Sandy the Topsy Turtle

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Sandy the Topsy Turtle.

Sandy the turtle lived in young Poppy’s room. It was full of plushy animals and toys, brightly coloured cushions, and dancing costumes. On Poppy’s desk was where Sandy’s home sat. A large open topped aquarium with a heat lamp, pond, a small garden and a house with wooden slats. This was the place Sandy loved most. Living here meant Poppy was always close.

Sandy was really keen for breakfast one day. A feast of yummy earthworms was part of this morning’s buffet. But in her rush Sandy made a simple mistake. She climbed onto her bowl and she tipped over in haste.

“Silly Sandy” Poppy exclaimed. She flipped Sandy back over, who wasn’t at all maimed. Sandy scoffed her earthworm breakky down. And Poppy ate toast in her pink dressing gown. But all too soon it was off to school. And Sandy remained alone, in her small turtle pool. She thought, “what about an adventure today?” I’ll see what the outside world is like, and find new places to play.

She moved a small log against the aquarium glass. Then climbed up along it, over the pond and green grass. Right at the top was a very different view. She was so high up, she froze like a concrete statue. But finding courage within, Sandy plunged over the side. She bounced along the desk, on her rough backside.

“Arrrgh” Whiskers the cat was asleep on the desk. He would want to eat Sandy and the result would be grotesque! Closer and closer, Sandy slid towards Whiskers. But came to a stop, as quiet as a whisper. Phew, that was close! But then the cat was awake and Sandy froze. Whiskers was keen to play with this new toy. He batted Sandy around which he seemed to enjoy. Sandy was stuck on her shell, she couldn’t get to her feet. Until a car door slammed, outside on the street. Whiskers jumped and scooted away. And Sandy was still stuck, she wailed in dismay!

Back and forth she tried to roll. But she couldn’t quite get it, to reach her ultimate goal. Her little legs were stuck up in the air. I’ll be here forever, she said in despair. The world is all topsy turvy, I can’t get back on my feet. I can’t go swimming, I can’t even eat! Her little legs scrambled, trying to get grip. But all she did was slide across the desk, unable to flip. She pushed herself up, against the desk lamp. But all that resulted was a severe leg cramp. She saw a pile of books and thought, I can push against those. But she failed again, unable to get onto her wee turtle toes.

Sandy retreated back into her shell. She thought to herself when Poppy gets home, all would be well. But Sandy was one determined little critter. Surely, she could do this herself; for she was no quitter. She poked her head out, and thought up a plan. I can get back on my feet; I know I can.

She pushed against the laptop nearby. And spun herself around and around; while looking up at the sky. Sandy became a blurry spinning turtle. Faster and faster she went, in a dizzying circle. Then quickly she suddenly rolled to her side. A miracle happened, she flipped right over and beamed with pride. Sandy was still extremely dizzy. But she was back on her feet, even though she felt a little bit silly.

Out of the window, she saw Poppy return. Sandy wondered what interesting things she had learned. Poppy came in and gave Sandy a cuddle. Then put her back in the tank, a little bit puzzled. The wee little turtle was now safe and sound. Then she thought of something quite profound;

While sometimes we need help, getting back on our feet. And sometimes our friends are what makes us complete. We must never forget the strength we hide within. Even when you feel, you can never win. Never give up when you hit the ground, even when the world itself is all upside down.

Author: Tiegan I.

Shady Pet Awards/Notes:

  • Shady Pets (Series 1) Yellow #1 Shady Reptile Card.
  • Pets Gone Shady (Series 2) Yellow #1 Shady Reptile Card.
  • Honorable Mention – Amazing Stories Contest