Torts the Tortoise

Shady Dog Pet ID: 4012
My hang out: Kingston, ON Canada

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Here’s my story …

Hey I am Torts! When I was just a wee hatching I found myself being ripped from the sand and tossed in a box with a bunch of other folks. We spent many a shady day in the depth of a wooden crate being jiggled and jostled. None of us knew where we were going and we all worried about what was going to happen to us. During the journey I got to know two of the nicest buds around Crawly and Spike. Crawly was a bit slow and not always fast on the uptake but he had great hearing and was always listening to the noise on the other side of the box. Spike was a pretty wild and crazy dude who had not fear of anything. He had no issue with snapping at the hands that dropped the greens in. Often it didn’t end well as he was often tossed to the side of the box..though he was not deterred and headed in for another bite whenever opportunity arose.

Well about 3 days in to this jiggling journey…Crawly overheard them talking about how we were all headed to a farm where they were going to fatten us up and use us for soup. Well you see…I am not a real fan of water (and neither were my buds for that matter) and being made into soup really didn’t sound like a good time at all. So we got a chatting and designed a plan. We were going to make a run for it…be that a very slow run.

So the next day when the hand reached in to drop in some greens…all 3 of us took a snap and grabbed hold of the sleeve. The man was so surprised he jerked his hand out and gave it a shake. Spike and I flew off the truck and crashed into the dusty road we had been travelling on, while Crawly unfortunately landed in the bed of the truck and was quickly grabbed and tossed back in the box. As I lay on my back spinning dizzily on my shell…I started to regret my actions, but fortunately Spike was able to make me and the world right again.

The hot sun beat down on us as we travelled along the road. Not sure where we were going we were much relieved when the cloud of dust coming at us, causing us to scramble came to a flying stop. From the red convertible came the cutest woman I had ever set my eyes on. She carefully plucked me from the ground and jumped back in the car dropping me on the dash. As we took off flying down the road… the wind flowing over my shell I knew I was where I wanted to be.

Well that was 2 years ago…and I have never looked back…I am in heaven cruising with my gal Tiffany. I do hope my buds Spike and Crawly are doing just as fine as me.

Author:  Elisha H.

Shady Pet Awards/Notes:

  • Pets Gone Shady (Series 2) Yellow #5 – Shady Reptile Card.
  • 2nd Place (Fiction) – Amazing Stories Contest